Friday, November 20, 2009

2 Week Countdown

Why do vendors wait till the last minute? I will never understand why this happens. I always get so many calls the last 3 weeks before any event, although it has been in the planning stages for 6-9 months. Not that I'm complaining. I will take all the vendors that I can. I just hate having to scramble to organize everything at the last minute.

Yesterday, I went to my first Heartlink Network Luncheon hosted by Barbara Starley of Send Out Cards (one of my Valued Vendors). It was an afternoon of great food, great conversation and great networking. Not only did I find some gals whom I can use for the benefit of my business, but hopefully they can use my services as well. I need to try to find the time to make it to more of these luncheons. It was a great experience. If you haven't hear about the Heartlink Network, check it out. It's a great networking service for women business owners. There is no fee to join, you just pay for the meetings that you attend ($20) which covers the cost of food. Log on to for more info.

Meet and Greet with the Gilbert Small Business Alliance last night. Fun times! The DJ - Todd Bristol ( great! He had us guessing the artists to songs and the year they hit #1. We got a raffle ticket if we were the first to call out the correst answer. There was a game show played, and lots of prizes won (although not by me, dang it!) I was able to meet some new people and had a great time.

Since I'm down to the wire, I have been trying to tie up all the loose ends for the Holiday Event. Yesterday I secured the rental of the tables and throne for Santa from Y-Knot Party Rentals in Mesa. Reasonable prices and Ginia was very nice to work with. My signwalker has been ordered and paid for and now I just have a stack of paperwork to deal with. Blah!

Maybe I will take a break tonight and go see "New Moon". Ooooh, ya!

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